Active Display

Active Display 5.1

Active Display (AD) is a companion to the Kinetic SBS-1 Basestation software
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Active Display (AD) is an extended SBS real-time data viewer and editor for maintaining SBS derived data. It displays data in real time and enriches the raw input by extracting additional data from online services.
The major components are:
-The Active Display which lists and allows editing of all aircraft received in the current session. Data is extracted from the SBS basestation.sqb database and can be optionally combined with that from GAS or other sources. This results in an extended listing which includes new, derived data and graphics plus filters to simplify viewing.
-The Aircraft Display which lists and edits the SBS-1 basestation.sqb database using the same interface as the Active Display.
-Photograph Display, aquisition and editing.
-Functions to keep your data more current and view historical Basestation Sessions.

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